2016 Proceedings

Peer Reviewed Papers

# Paper Title Authors
2 Evaluation of accuracy, integrity and availability of ARNS multi-constellation signals for aviation users in Australia Manoj Deo and Ahmed El-Mowafy
5 Performance of Precise Point Positioning using Current Triple-frequency GPS Measurements in Australia Viet Duong, Ken Harima, Suelynn Choy and Chris Rizos
8 The effect of sampling frequency and front-end bandwidth on the DLL code tracking performance Vinh Tran, Nagaraj Shivaramaiah, Thuan Nguyen and Andrew Dempster
10 Inter-Pseudolite Range Augmented GNSS PPP Navigation for Airborne Pseudolite System Panpan Huang, Chris Rizos and Craig Roberts
11 A PPP-based Multi-sensor Fusion Positioning Solution for Train Localization Chengming Jin, Allison Kealy, Jian Wang and Baigen Cai
12 Efficient Processing of Long Duration GNSS Signal Observations for Space Debris Tracking Md Sohrab Mahmud, Sana Ullah Qaisar and Craig Benson
13 Simulation of GPS-based Launch Vehicle Trajectory Estimation using UNSW Kea GPS Receiver Sanat Biswas, Li Qiao and Andrew Dempster
14 Real-time Cycle Slip Detection and Repair for Network Multi-GNSS, Multi-frequency data Tao Li and Stavros Melachroinos
15 Quantifying mis-modelling effects in the GNSS yaw-attitude and phase wind-up Thomas Papanikolaou and Stavros Melachroinos
16 Cooperative P2I localization using UWB and Wi-Fi Salil Goel, Allison Kealy, Guenther Retscher and Bharat Lohani
17 Local augmentation to wide area PPP systems: a case study in Victoria, Australia Ken Harima, Suelynn Choy, Luis Elneser and Satoshi Kogure
21 Improving Sensitivity on Kea CubeSat GPS Receivers Eamonn Glennon and Andrew Dempster
22 Receiver Losses when using Quadrature Bandpass Sampling Andrew Dempster and Ediz Cetin
23 Multi-GNSS for Space Service Volume Arunkumar Rathinam and Andrew G. Dempster
24 Ambiguity Resolution for Precise Point Positioning Based on Combined GPS Observations Shuyang Cheng and Jinling Wang
25 Triple Frequency precise point positioning with multi-constellation GNSS Manoj Deo and Ahmed El-Mowafy


Non Reviewed Papers

# Paper Title Authors
7 Seamless train localization based on BDS/INS/odometer/MM multi-sensor navigation system Sirui Chen, Wei Jiang, Baigen Cai, Jian Wang and Wei Shangguan
18 Coarse-time Positioning without Continuous GPS Signal Tracking Wonjae Yoo, Kwang Ho Choi, Joonhoo Lim, Lawoo Kim, Hyoungmin So and Hyung Keun Lee
26 An ultra-low-cost antenna array frontend for GNSS application Thuan Nguyen and Vinh Tran
28 Third Generation Positioning System for Underground Mine Environments: An update on progress Binghao Li, Kai Zhao, Serkan Saydam, Chris Rizos, Jian Wang and Qiang Wang
29 Interference Mitigation and Preserving Multi-GNSS Performance Kirk Burnell, John Schleppe and Rod MacLeod
30 Integrity Monitoring Methods for Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems Elizabeth Smith, Joon Wayn Cheong, Andrew Dempster

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